Inexpensive Home Upgrades You Can Do Yourself!

Inexpensive Home Upgrades You Can Do Yourself!

Fun Home Improvements

You don’t need to be a professional to carry out these upgrades that will not only make your home look nicer, but will also add value to it!

Have you ever wished you could do some upgrades to your home, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck. I have for you some very inexpensive home upgrades that will have you feeling like the guy from the sitcom “Home Improvement”, handyman belt sold separately!

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Where do you start? I suggest you start in the kitchen since it’s probably one of the places you spend more time in. Let’s start with the kitchen cabinets. One effortless way you can add new life to them is by painting them. Pick a color that can easily blend in with the current surroundings. Using white is a no-brainer. Do two coats, and don’t use your kitchen during drying time as mildew and grease can and will ruin your paint job. You only need some paint from your local hardware store or supermarket. Make sure it is heat-resistant and water-proof. The label should state this. Two quarts of paint will do the trick for most cases. Use a 2” brush for best results. Use upward and downward motions alternately, so there are no spaces left.

Cabinet Handles

The second upgrade you can do is upgrade cabinet handles. You won’t really need many tools, except for a Philips screwdriver. Here’s where you can get the most creative. There are many new handles that will give your kitchen a new air and can run you a couple of bucks. Head for your local DIY store where they will probably have handles in clearance in case you happen to be on a tight budget.


USB Outlets

The next upgrade also requires a Phillips screwdriver and some minor electrician basics. Replace all the electrical outlets. This might seem like something to skip, but not. I actually tried this one myself and came up with impressive results. I went to my local DIY store and got some of those new outlets that besides having your standard pair of outlets, they also included 2 USB ports! The wiring on the back is very straightforward. There’s a red cable, a black cable and a green or white cable, depending on where you are and who did the wiring. The holes in the back of the outlet are marked, and you only need to put the cable through the appropriate hole. This is one hack that your family and friends will appreciate once they go to your house.


Your next step should be flooring. If you don’t want to replace your tile, or you don’t have the time to do so, you can change the appearance by painting it. First, start by scrubbing the area with a brush, any brush will do as long as it doesn’t damage the surface (stay away from metal brushes). Use soap, water, and your regular cleaning product. Once your surface is clean, you can go with everyone’s favorite finish: the checkerboard. You will need black glossy paint and a white matte paint. For this project I recommend going for matte for the white part, so the black tiles will stand out more. Use a 1” brush for the edges and a 2” for the rest. Give them at least two coats and keep the doors and windows closed during the painting process to avoid any dirt getting in the paint.

These are just 4 easy-to-do upgrades that will breathe new air into your house. If you want more ideas, you can just click on the video link to find out about 19 more tips that are easy and cheap to do. Don’t forget to share with your friends how you did it once you have amazed them at your craftsmanship skills!

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